Kennen's state in preseason

Hey guys, I'm a Kennen player and i just wanna ask anyone else how they feel about his state at the moment. I find him to be almost a useless pick after the changes to runes, not only does his empowered auto into w not proc electrocute (it used to proc thunderlords) but he doesn't want to be on the enemy that often for aery to work great (he uses short bursty trades). I find that the best Rune on him atm is unsealed spellbook, but this affords you hardly any early game damage (supposedly Kennen's strongest phase). I find that when i play him i do damage for about the first item, then they build mr and I just get stomped. The only time i find myself picking him is into Jax and even then he feels a lot weaker. If anyone has any tips then I'd be more than happy to listen. {{sticker:slayer-pantheon-thumbs}}
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