I am not allowed to play Ashe (anymore)

It is so sad to me. I am playing from early 2010 on, and I always (!) enjoyed {{champion:22}} so much. I even have her statue from the merchandise shop here next to my screen. But I can not play anymore. After 100 games or so in the past couple of months, I can not play her anymore. The powercreep in this game is not affecting her. I can not purchase any bullshit like {{item:3095}} on her. My passive is a joke with all the dashes and flashes and jumps. My E is useless, does grant me nothing, not assists or at least a tip. My ulti scales with AP (!) and my arrows fly so slow that Yasuos dash out of my arrows (however that is possible if you think about it). If I can fight and have a "normal" game, I have to struggle far, far more than other ADCs. {{champion:22}} is old and thus {{champion:22}} is outdated. {{champion:22}} has no powercreep and/or items that do that. {{champion:22}} has no dash, or gapcloser, or actual steroid (no, her Q is a joke since I have to stack it). I can not play her anymore. In the recent days, I've been oneshot by... ...the enemy support {{champion:555}} ...or the midlane {{champion:55}} (ya ya, even an early hextrinker does jack shit) or {{champion:84}} , or {{champion:238}} ...or the junglers {{champion:141}} , {{champion:121}} or {{champion:107}} ...or the toplane {{champion:39}} ...even my own ADC lane opponent like {{champion:21}} or {{champion:119}} (For some reason, I do not struggle with Kai'Sa) The only ADC I can fight on par is actually the other ADC that has not received any power creep or "love": {{champion:15}} She is as equally outdated. Heck, with Dashing Yasuos, or Yis, or Akalis, or Zeds, I shoot my ultis in vain. What is a {{champion:22}} worth? In the past 20 games I tried to spam Ashe to see if either the matchmaking helps me by realizing I keep losing (of course it did not, gives me freefall losses. 50% winrate aimed? HAH, not in this garbage game) and I ended up with 17L and 3W. 15% winrate with {{champion:22}}. I play her since over 8 years. I am very, very sad about this. The neglect, and the fail game direction... I love the artstyle, but on days like this I regret purchasing anything from the merchandise store. Looking at {{champion:22}}, next to my screen, sitting at 15% winrate (out of 20 games) due to bullshit I mentioned before... I, as player, have been forgotten. I feel dead and sad. And {{champion:22}} has been forgotten. https://i.imgur.com/9Kruppl.jpg Sincerely, a player and customer 2010-2018

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