Penalty (loss) for queue dodge in ranked? Wtf?

So i was queued with this MF adc (when im support) with 25% win rate as adc in my promos for silver. me taking the logical decision seeing that this player feeds and goes average 1/6 in every game, I dodge because i dont want to risk losing my promos due to this bonobo. My duo friend tells me later that its a loss anyway, which shocks me because it's so %%%%%%ed. I check and now i'm W W L - - How can riot force me to play with such a bad player and if i refuse to play i get a loss anyway? It's stupid. I understand the low priority queue, but the loss is just dumb. I don't want to waste my time losing, nor can i prevent the loss by dodging. Dumb. Stop it for S8 riot.
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