The Main Problem with Season 6...

I find that the main problem with Season 6 is not so much the new masteries or items or even champion balance. It all boils down to a simple thing that annoys me across many games. **Mechanically simple champions are more rewarding then complex ones** That is all it boils down to, for me. I am tired of seeing {{champion:11}}, {{champion:5}}, {{champion:24}} picked pretty much every game. I am really bored of seeing the same mechnically simple champions be played because of their rediculous power, like {{champion:86}} for example. It completely disencourages people from learning much harder champs that should be a lot more rewarding. I recently had a game which had {{champion:17}}, {{champion:37}}, {{champion:33}} and none of these champions take a high mechnical skill to play. I do not even see {{champion:114}} anymore due to the complexity of her kit, people are too content to take easy champions to which there are little to no counters for. Season 6 has rewarded low skill champions far too much, there is nothing hard about running up to somebody and spamming right click. People won't play {{champion:134}} anymore because of her rediculous mana problems which completely screw her over at the start of the game.

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