plz think with me (hecarim top)

i know it's kinda my 3rd post about hecarim top , but i just can't give up on playing him just bcoz he's not a meta champ the problem is : it's hard to lane the meta top laners , can't win a single trade with them (the problem is over after getting the tri-force) im forced to buy defence items to lane without feeding (tried Iceborn Gauntlet) , not feeding but not useful in the game tried all the mastery keystones : fervor is the best but not helpful in laning against the powerfull laners grasp : not that big deffrence windspeakers : to sustain with 'W' , but high cd and high mana cost make it really hard to use it alot thunderlord : i will lose the trade anyway , and fervor deals more dmg so what can i do ? thanks
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