honestly. does the staff of riot games not see what they did? what is wrong with them? destroy him in lane dominate him. make him beg for mercy. kill him 15 times. but.... give him just 10 minutes and he will single handedly walk through your entire team, go and bend baron over, proceed to walk up to your turrets, hit them with 3 Q's, smack your nexus to death and still while your whole team is dead. really riot. really? who the hell thought this was a good idea? do you guys sit around the camp fire and with evil smurks on your faces think of new ways to make this game suck harder? you. you are the reason why a 15/0/10 fiora gets blamed for a 0/15/0 nasus winning the game. carry your heart out. carry your team and get raged at for one nasus hitting ashe for 1500 damage from one Q. you. you are to blame for rage in this game.
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