Taliyah quality of life - Change the way W is activated please :3

Only played her once but one thing didn't sit right for me from the beginning. Her W "Seismic shove". Is there any way we could get it to change so that u drag it in the direction you want rather then having to click? it feels really clunky at the moment and it could be alot smoother. almost like the viktor beam where you click where it spawns, then drag it in the intended direction. The difference here would be you could just click it to knock up. but when u have a rengar jumping on u from ult and u want to push him away. it feels really awkward trying to run away/click to activate ability/ click again to get him to go away whilst running away s'more. edit : it feels like she's meant to be smooth and quick/without stopping kinda thing. always moving about and setting up the field. which makes the current control really weird.
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