Riot have gone against what they said

Im unsure why this has happened but with the release of Camille riot is going against all they have said about counterplay. Kled and Camille both have low counter play and with the recent rengar changes rengar to. Assasins with nerfed for to little counterplay but now theyve replaced it with a champion who can knock out all allies and single down 1 target? So jump into a fight and press r and youre 1v1 with the adc? this is counterplay? Rengars only counter was to cc him, but they add a CC remover debuff? This is counterplay? And most recent the Vayne buffs. buffing a late game ADC with true damage so he is simply the easiest adc to lane with because even if you get destroyed... you will scale quicker and more likely to win mid game? Fix this please. and add counterplay to champions youve changed/added.
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