Is there any point to learning harder champions with less mobility?

There is no incentive to learning more difficult champions at the moment while the likes of {{champion:24}}, {{champion:23}}, {{champion:11}}, {{champion:5}}, {{champion:114}} exist. These are some of most mechanically simple champions in the game which basically resort to right clicking and pressing the odd ability every once in a while which usually is either point and click or has a very forgiving window. My question is why? Why are you giving people who are essentially lazy, a free pass like this Riot? What is the point in learning more mechanically complex champions or learning anything new if you can just spam these champions constantly. Smurfs are destroying the lower levels of this game and Riot is doing nothing about it because new players are not going to stay and endure smurfs playing the same champions over and over again with the same overpowered items and the same overpowered keystones. Everything in the game seems geared towards AD at the moment. The fact that AP champions (Except AP Assassins) only have {{item:3157}} to defend themselves without gutting their own damage is proof of that. (And EVERYONE can have Zhonya's passive now which used to be unique to ONLY mages - Bet you wouldn't make {{item:3026}}'s ability available to mages, would you? No, I don't mean just take {{champion:26}} either.). I just feel frustrated because why should I bother learning skillshot based champions with no mobility, when I could just play {{champion:157}} and have infinite amounts of mobility, no mana, shields and not lose any damage. Is there any point to learning skillshot based mages like {{champion:101}}, {{champion:161}} when {{champion:142}} and {{champion:518}} exist and are more mobile AND do better damage? This is my point? What is the point of learning harder champions with less mobility? You screw up a {{champion:161}} knock up... You are dead... You screw up a {{champion:245}} or {{champion:238}}... You get away scott free with their huge mobility and they do the same damage? So what is the point? It just does not feel fair...
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