So, i've made it from Iron 4 to Silver 4

Hey guys, I'm very happy, not only because xmis is coming and friends come over to stay in my place but when i started my placement games i got placed in Iron 4. Now, 2 weeks later i made it into Silver 4. The champs i play are Teemo/Nasus top and Lucian/Lux bottom and sometimes Rammus/Cho Gath jungle. But i notice that it's getting harder to play well. So maybe i need to practice new champions that are better for higher leaques like Silver. So my question is, can you recomment any champions for this old guy? And the best part is i need some easy champions to play since i'm not the fastest one with my fingers out here. Thanks in advance for your thought and a happy xmis to all of you. Kind regards, 24011967
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