@RIOT - If you remove normal draft from EUNE , give us a free transfer to EUW!

Riot is Apple in game industry! Removing normal draft = no jack. Give us a free transfer to EUW/NA then... * /r/leagueoflegends
I thought it was bugged or what. Normal blind pick? No, thanks! I mean... Look! Heroes of the storm just introduced normal draft, Dota2 has normal...
Link above... So, seriously? Is this some kind of joke? What the hell? I already spent lots of money, I came back to EUNE just because it was my home and now you spit me in the face? I played this game since beta, I spent money on you guys when you were a small, shitty company, and honestly, I played this game almost everyday. Now, you are telling me, that you WANT MY MONEY if I WANT TO PLAY NORMAL DRAFT?! I have to leave behind my friends and go back to EUW just because you guys have shitty , unprofessional designers and developers, making bad mistakes over and over again? Well done Riot! Take away the only mode, which was worth to play as normal. You are not just spitting on us, but you are spitting on yourself too... So much for desired roles and no trolls. YEAH! LET'S BRING BACK TOXIC NORMAL!
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