Add more daily missions to compensate the lack of Blue essence

The main frustration atm comes from using getting less currency from a Champ capsule when we would've gotten more currency from the games we played. But there is a fix to it, what if we would still earn less currency.. but twice as fast? So i came with the idea of more missions daily, which would change each day, for example the mission tab could look like this each day _Casual Daily win {{champion:17}} _ - something something EXP _The Greedy {{item:3301}} _ - Manage to get a minion score of 100 before the 17th minute - rewards = 175 exp + 25 blue essence _The Mercenary {{item:1038}} _ Gather 10 Assissts troughout the entire game whils't having smite or exhaust as set summoner spell = reward 150 Exp + 30 blue essence _The Legend Slayer {{summoner:11}} _ -slay Baron Nashor before the 30th Minute - Reward = 250 Exp + 30 Blue essence _The Body_ {{summoner:21}} - Tank 10k Dmg troughout a game (mitigated dmg does not count) - reward 150 exp + 20 blue essence _The Mind_ {{summoner:13}} - Set over 10 Wards troughout the entire game outside of your own base - reward 150 exp + 20 blue essence _The Soul_ {{summoner:6}} - Have over 10k damage healed troughout an entire game (both on yourself and on allys counts, and on enemys if you are Kindred) - reward 150 exp + 20 blue essence If the Daily mission tab would look somewhat like this, the new blue essence system would be flawless, as we would level up way faster than now, so it compensates out for the low rewards we are getting for a level up
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