What is the reason we have flex ladder in s7?

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Can someone explain why we have flex nowadays? In my opinion it's the ladder that no one cares about and where bad matchmaking is at it's finest. For me after playing around 200 games in flex around low plat feels like most of the games are decided before the game even starts just by huge difference player skill. Most games feels so one sided and just by looking into soloq ranks it's easy to say which team is going to win. I think there would be no issue in flex matchmaking if everyone played it actively but in my experience I have a feeling that people don't maintain their flex rank and that results into many unbalanced games. I feel bad to see soloq silvers against soloq diamonds in same game and trying to call it "fair game". Then there is people who really try at flex and people who say: "it's only flex". I don't see many good sides of flex these days and of someone can explain why flex is needed and really good please do! I don't see any reason to have flex splitting the ladder into two when you can't even queue as 4 anymore. Is the only reason why flex is still here is for 3 player ranked queues? Before you had soloq, duo, twisted treeline team rank (3 player queue) and sr team ranks (5 player queue). I would rather personally rather have team ranks back because for me it was a lot of fun to play for team's rank not individual rank. I feel like if I want to play fairly matched games in league I can only play soloq because in normal games I get matched against silvers and that is not fun when you try to learn. Flex for me is the worst matchmaking there is. The picture is from my recent flex game when I decided finally to make this post. Also I would like to say I mostly play flex alone as solo player so that could impact on my experience too?

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