Since this is Champions and gameplay I guess I can post this topic about skins here.

I would love to see how Riot are justifying skins that cost roughly £125. The amount of "prestige" points for a 750 chest is far too low to make obtaining these skins anything more than a huge cash grab for riot. I understand that this is a business, but to require over 15000 Riot Points to get the needed materials to "craft" a prestige skin is ridiculous, this comes in short succession after releasing a chroma for almost £15 (leona skins of recent) reducing the amount of event tokens acquired after the worlds event which made it very unlikely for any moderate playing akali main to get their hands on her prestige skin without spending a ton on it. In my opinion this is slowly becoming a very predatory business model, since it seems the only way implemented to get a LIMITED TIME aatrox skin is through cold hard cash. "Prestige Points come from bundles with Masterwork Chests (there will be three of these bundles available at launch), and we’re looking to add more ways for you to get Prestige Points in the future." I would love to hear what these "more ways" to obtain PP are, and if it is even possible for a customer/player to obtain even 1 prestige skin without spending over £50. If not, then prestige editions should have far more bells and whistles on them than ultimate skins, of which for some reason there are still very few... Interested to hear others thoughts on this subject.

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