Patch 6.21 rundown

Patch 6.21 notes
Cougar cooldowns up. Primal Surge heal now heals less at higher health. Nidalee is no stranger to patch notes, but we're revisiting her this patch to look at the frustration enemies face when they try to punish Nidalee's mistakes. In the jungle, punishment is less about trades, and more about tradeoffs.
Hey, I'm a diamond V marksman main, who can kind of play all roles (I play utility in my off roles). My game knowledge is better than most players but not perfect by any means. Since I decided to make it my goal to hit masters next season I need to improve on lots of things, and I thought that doing a patch rundown would help me get along with the meta and improve my game knowledge. I'm going to list the champions, items and everything else that I think will affect the game or a champion in the same order they're listed at the riot games website. There's also a link if you want to have a read through the patch yourself, since I will exclude some bug fixes etc. {{champion:76}} Cougar Q - Takedown COOLDOWN 5 seconds at all ranks ⇒ 6 seconds at all ranks Cougar W - Pounce COOLDOWN 5 seconds at all ranks ⇒ 6 seconds at all ranks Cougar E - Swipe COOLDOWN 5 seconds at all ranks ⇒ 6 seconds at all ranks Human E - Primal Surge HEALING 45/85/125/165/205 ⇒ 25-50/45-90/65-130/85-170/105-210 (based on missing health) RATIO 0.5 ability power ⇒ 0.275 - 0.55 ability power (based on missing health) Nidalee wasn't that oppressive of a champion prior to this patch, now she'll be horrible on the average player but still has the potential to carry if mastered it's just harder. {{champion:104}} E - Quickdraw TRUE GRIT CAP 4 stacks ⇒ 8 stacks LET’S SEE YOU GRIT THOSE TEETH Now gains 2 stacks of True Grit upon dashing towards an enemy champion RESISTS PER STACK 10/15/20/25/30 armor and magic resist ⇒ 5/7.5/10/12.5/15 armor and magic resist (max resists unchanged) This will hit his clears and since he won't be getting as much resistance and also will make him a less effective kiter. He will be an upper tier jungler slightly above the average. {{champion:427}} General HEALTH GROWTH STAT 74 ⇒ 90 BASE MAGIC RESIST 30 ⇒ 32 BASE ATTACK SPEED .625 ⇒ .644 ATTACK SPEED GROWTH STAT 2.8 ⇒ 3.4 He will still be extremely bad, just less bad. {{champion:96}} R - Living Artillery COST 50 mana + 50 per cast (500 mana maximum) ⇒ 40 mana + 40 per cast (400 mana maximum) MANA DEBUFF DURATION 10 seconds ⇒ 8 seconds BASE DAMAGE 70/110/150 ⇒ 100/140/180 EXECUTION THRESHOLD 1 Deals 200% damage to targets between 25% and 50% health ⇒ Deals up to 150% damage to targets approaching 40% health EXECUTION THRESHOLD 2 Deals 300% damage to targets with less than 25% health ⇒ Deals 200% damage to targets with less than 40% health This is a small buff to his ultimate and won't affept him that much, He will still be an low tier marksman who is bested by most marksmen. {{champion:11}} Q - Alpha Strike I WAS IN ALPHA Dying during Alpha Strike will properly play Master Yi’s death animation, placing him where Alpha Strike was portraying him to be NEWMINIMUM UNTARGETABILITY 0.25 seconds (reminder: untargetable does not mean invulnerable!) BETA STRIKE Fixed a bug where Alpha Strike could sometimes fail to cast but still go on cooldown, and be unable to be reset by basic attacking until Master Yi cast Alpha Strike again NEWI CAN SEE IT NOW Alpha Strike now also gains vision of where Master Yi will strike on his next bounce WHY WUJU DO THAT Alpha Strike won’t place Master Yi on top of Baron Nashor if Baron is the primary target CHILL, I GOT THIS Meditate is no longer momentarily locked out after a failed Alpha Strike cast I SWEAR I GOT IT Master Yi now becomes eligible for assists as soon as Alpha Strike visually bounces to a target (even though damage is only applied at the end of the animation) E - Wuju Style WUJU FIX THIS BUG Fixed a bug where Wuju Style’s passive attack damage bonus wasn’t counting toward the 25% bonus attack damage scaling of its active effect if Wuju Style was cast immediately as its cooldown expired These bug fixes will work as a slight buff to Master Yi, and will make him a little bit better but nothing massive. {{champion:75}} Q - Siphoning Strike THE CANE Bonus attack range now stacks with R - Fury of the Sands attack range increase. (Range is now 175 ⇒ 200.) R - Fury of the Sands REMOVEDSAND SWORD No longer converts damage dealt by Fury of the Sands into attack damage NEWSAND SHIELD Now grants 15/35/55 armor and magic resist on activation, gaining an additional 1/2/3 armor and magic resist every second (total of 30/65/100 resistances at 15 seconds) This will make Nasus a little bit better and help his early game, he will not be that good due to the bruiser meta in the top lane who have an easy time dominating him. {{champion:20}} Q - Consume BONUS HEALTH PER STACK 3% ⇒ 2% Nunu will remain as the best or one of the best junglers in game and he's a must bad due to the 2% max hp. {{champion:115}} E - Hexplosive Minefield DETONATE TIMER checks every 0.25 seconds ⇒ checks every 0.1 seconds This will be a slight buff to him which will barely make a difference. I'll now list the best champions for both low ELO and high ELO for each role in my opinion. Low ELO For top laners it's probably going to be the easy bruisers such as Fiora and Jax or tanks like Malphite and Maokai. For jungle the best junglers for each elo will be the tank junglers such as Hecarim, Zac, Nunu and Amumu. Amumu more so for the low elo but is still effective in the higher level of play. For mid lane it's going to be what ever you're good at but Syndra and Viktor are extremely oppressive but also hard to play. For marksman it's going to be Jhin, Jinx and Miss Fortune. In the support role it doesn't really matter, but strong picks are champions such as Alistar, Janna and Lulu. Supports depend on the team comps and what your team/marksman needs. HIgh ELO Top lane is going to bruisers mainly Fiora, Irelia and Gnar. Jayce and Kennen are also excellent. Junglers are going to be the same as low elo, Hecarim, Zac, Nunu and Amumu. Mid lane's going to be Syndra, Viktor and Cassiopeia. Marksman are the same Jhin, Jinx and Miss Fortune. Honorable mentions are Ezreal and Vayne since they're extremely good if played properly. Sivir is my 3rd honorable mention due to her insane wave clear and utility she'll always be useful. Supports are mainly the same and depend on what your team needs. Thresh, Alistar, Janna and Lulu will be extremely good but everything works it's upto your own personal preference and what the theam/marksman needs. Unfortunately this patch was quite small due to the upcoming assassin update. I hope this was helpful to you in some way. If there's enough people enjoying/reading this post I'll make the same thing for next patch. Don't think it's worth putting a lot of time and effort to this if no one reads it. Sincerely yours, SuchHookMuchWow
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