Things that shouldn't be blocked by windwall/unbreakable

Before we begin to list these skillshots I just want to say, I dont think Yasuo or Braum is "op", but the way they block certain skillshots is visual cancer 1. Ornn ult, wow a new champion, he has an ultimate ability that summons the god of the Frelljord, and as the magnificent goat god runs into the enemy it dissapears into a puff of smoke when it reaches the windwall, even though the goat is much larger ad wider tha the windwall, ice shield (I know its considered a projectile, but it still looks %%%%%%ed) 2. Nami ult First off, the actual wave is much wider than the wind wall/shield, second, it looks %%%%%%ed when this giant wave dissapears, and third, its water, I get that bullets and such get reflected when faced with a solid wall, but its water, it just flows under, over ,around the wall 3. Viktor laser Its from a logic standpoint, Xerath, Lux and Vel'koz can penetrate the shield with their lasers, I dont understand why this particular laser doesnt Maybe Taliyah ult I mean, it errupts from the ground, but since the wall doesnt just flat out dissaper when it reaches the windwall I guess its fine Its fine if you dont agree, but its just really stupid looking when these abilities get cockblocked by a windwall/ubreakable
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