How do you farm midgame when your team is ARAM-ing?

Just started playing mid, and my long-term CS is really low. In some games I can have 85+ CS at 10 minutes into the game, but I only get to 120 in 20 minutes. Usually what happens is that everyone comes to mid, and I would gladly go to a sidelane to catch the farm, but I know that my team would engage a 4v5 fight on mid, and they'd blame me for not being there. So with that in mind, if I share the mid CS with others and nothing happens for 10 minutes, the sidelane resources become a waste, I hardly gain any gold (I mostly want to give my adc the waves rather than taking it from them, even if it's on mid), but if I go to a sidelane, then I'm afraid that my team won't play safe enough on mid and lose a fight. (Which has happened before multiple times.) I also don't want to farm the jungle because I'm scared of tilting my jungler. Any advices? I don't have problems farming in laning-phase, but after midgame, my CS falls really short for the reasons I mentioned above. The longer the game goes, the lower my CS/min gets. I don't trust my team enough to not engage in a 4v5 fight while I'm gathering the CS from other lanes. I know it's a waste of resources to not do so, but the enemy getting 4 kills and potentially 2 towers is way more gold than I would get from some sidelane minions. {{sticker:sg-soraka}}
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