The Pyke nerfs.. too horrible.

I seriously got huge problems playing Pyke the way I used to do. If I get behind as Pyke, I'm not the assassin anymore, I'm the one who get assassinated, freaking in my last game I got his by Veigar's R when I was 95% hp and got 1 shot. People probobly ask "Didn't I do that before too?" No, I didn't I survived always with 100 hp left or something around there. But guess what the most recent nerf did to Pyke's HP? Reduced by 10 at every level. That's insane! nd on top of that They made his passive completely useless at the later stages of the game. People who say "He is too OP" has no freaking idea how it feels like atm, It's like if You play Annie and Tibbers losses half his HP bar cause of a Nerf. Right now, I have to back basically directly after being hit by an ability, while before I could just hide.
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