Riot is doing their best

Hi. So recently there have been a ton of complaining here on the Boards. About everything from clash to the ADC nerfs. Now, I DO understand that it is frustrating and annoying that clash isnt working and %%%%ing up other gamemodes, and that ADC's now are unplayable. But we need to remember to look at it from the good side aswell! Now we finally get exciting new stuff in the bot lane! As a support main, it is so much fun seeing you are up against an {{champion:58}} ADC, while you yourself are partnered up with {{champion:50}} APC. And now pro play is finally getting exciting again! It was kinda boring before, with people farming and stalling the game till the 40 minute mark. Now you have exciting fights, {{champion:157}} ADC and Rageblade {{champion:117}} . What i am trying to say, RIOT IS NOT TRYING TO DESTROY THE GAME! They are only trying to make it better, trying their hardest, and failing a bit. But it will turn around, and we will have a fun new meta, a competetive gamemode that is working, and a new nice {{champion:266}} ! :D TL:DR League isn't that shit. Stop focusing on all the negative, and start to look at all the positive :) Have a great day{{sticker:slayer-pantheon-thumbs}}
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