How to carry when lanes hard feed?

So I'm in silver and most of my games 1 lane hard feeds, And the guy who got fed just carrys the game. Out of 10 matches in a row top fed 5 times Jungle fed 1 time mid fed 6 times adc fed 10 times support fed 9 times So the issue is mainly every game my botlane gets steamrolled and feeds, Even when the enemy jungle doesn't even gank there lane and I babysit them, They just fight when I'm helping another lane and feed there asses of, Even if the enemy bot is like 2 levels ahead my adc thinks its a good idea to try fight them without me, I mainly play rengar, But I can't carry these type of games when most lanes are feeding, Even though I've help't them with getting kills and counter ganked when the enemy jungler is ganking them, I don't understand what I'm doing wrong, I'm helping all lanes, I'm counter ganking, I'm stealing the enemies jungle, Most of the time I kill the enemy jungler for first blood putting him behind and my lanes still seem to feed, Idk what I'm suppose to do in this division if none of the lanes can do anything even with all the help I'm giving them.
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