How is it possible to get demoted from B1 promotion to B4 getting just troll teams?

I was gold in the past, in another account. Started playing this one after a long pause. Got my skills back on track and I'm trying to climb the ladder, but it has been impossible. Really. Does not matter if you are good. Or if it matters, 90% its luck, I mean match making. I was in B1 promotion and started losing, now I'm almost back to B5 and can not do nothing about it. Afkers, trolls, feeders and flamers, every damn game. Check it, almost 20 games like this: Just for you to know these kind of players, also check this next link: This dude banned the champ he wanted to play, his main. You can say: well, it can happen to everyone. Dunno, because it happens always on my team. This was a picture from the selection I was on while writing this part of the post. That all said, I would like to know how can a guy be so unlucky in the match makings for so long? And it is the match making. I check teams before the game starts and it is noticeable how bad are the KDA of my teammates. Some have like 2-13 KDA.
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