Unable to play Ranked with new 'Autofill' feature

Hello, My Summoner Name is currently 'Former Kat God' and since Season 4, I'm a Master Tier player on EUW. I'm essentially a Katarina One Trick Pony and suck pretty hard at anything that isn't a Solo Lane. This has never been a major issue for me though, even before Role Select was introduced. In fact, I would argue that Role Selection has made my job harder since my Top Lane is already much worse than my Mid Lane, but I get it over 60% of the time. Anyway, I was able to deal with this new system up until now. But with the introduction of 'Autofill' I seriously fear for my ranked experience. My motivation has completely vanished. It is now Saturday afternoon, a presumably busy time, and Autofill is enabled for me already. I'm D1 75 LP right now and I'm expecting it to get even worse with Elo. You just cannot seriously expect me to play roles like ADC/Jungle that I literally haven't touched in years at this rating and the high probability of it occurring is completely putting me off right now. I would much rather wait 15-20 more minutes for a game. I usually don't take action myself in this type of situation but I'm just desperate at this point. I hope this reaches someone at Riot so they know how disappointed I am by this atrocity of a feature. Best regards, Bobbel/Redophile/Former Kat God, an avid League player since the start of Season 2.

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