Am I the only one who thinks Trynd needs a rework?

First of all, this is not a rant or QQ Thread, but a serious discussion, feel free to contribute your opinion, if you have to say something like "Nub Gold, l2p, l2Thornmail", please don't post anything at all. Thank you in advance. So... what is Trynda? Does he have a clear identity? In my opinion, he doesn't. He's a melee Splitpushing, well, more beefy Adc, since he relies solely on Basic Attacks, primarily Crits. He's great at dueling, and has an ult which can allow him to escape sticky situations, due to making him not take damage. All of this pretty much reminds me of the Old Fiora, who was reworked, to have a more clear... character, role, purpose. Trynda, however, in my opinion, needs a rework as well. Besides not having a clear identity (Besides his Ult), he also doesn't have much room for improvement. It's pretty much game sense/knowledge which is what separates the Good from Bad Trynds (It's like that for all Champs though). Mainly due to the fact that his gameplay is generally boring, and he pretty much always has the same game pattern. Farm, Farm, Farm, Splitpush, Splitpush, Splitpush, occasionally tp. In fights, all he has to do is right click. And except for the W's damage reduction and an occasional Dash, Ult when he's low, Q, that's about it. I don't see how this requires any planning, strategic thinking, or what not. Nor how it allows the Enemy Team to actually think it through and avoid any of his damage. (Last time I checked, your 'skill' can't avoid Basic Attacks). All in all, that does sound much like the Old Fiora (Which is why she was reworked, and she offers some counterplay now, along with you having to think how to use her, not just QQ R E AA AA AA...) I don't have any ideas, but in my opinion, Trynda could use a rework, to make him feel more satisfying to play, with and against. Not to mention, he doesn't really fit his lore at all. He's the King of Freljord with a gigantic, special Sword. After meeting Aatrox, he got some sort of rage. That's good, but A) Freljord isn't even a part of Trynda's kit B) His Sword is only used for Whacking things C) His only Rage is a Passive Crit Steroid, and innabilty to die for 5 sec. What do you guys think of him currently?
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