Why is yasuo considered hard to play?

A lot of Yasuo mains will tell us that their champs are hard to play, that's why they're good and the reason why they flame us and spam mastery but is he really that hard. I mean Yasuo has all the tool in his kit to make his life a breeze, knock up on his empowered autoattack (that's what his q is considered right?) with little to no cooldown, the mess that is windwall need I say more, multiple dashes just for that extra lane dominance when he's ahead and to top it off any champ that's knocked up, now gets stunned for longer, takes damage and bonus to his crits. Oh and his free banshee's veil, forgot about that. Just i can name plenty of champs that require a lot more mechanics and skill to pull off, off the top of my head Taliyah and Cassiopeia. I just don't understand why Yasuo players backup their arguments with 'My champ takes more skill' We all hate the champ, but is he really that difficult? you thoughts?
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