I feel like akali is just way too strong in her current state

And I do not think it's a numbers game. I think its just that she got way too much goin on for her. She can turn any fight with her shroud that must as well be an ability that makes her untargetable, but allows her to dip out and deal damage and immediately enter stealth again without barely allowing one to hit her back. As if Fizz could jump down on his pole and deal damage and directly go back up again. And her "dash" that feels more like a blink without how fast it is. Before rework she used to have a powerspike at level 6, but she was pretty bad before that. Now she's actually a really strong laner even without the ulti, but after getting the ulti she can choose when she wants a kill in lane, while at the same time reducing the chances of killing her to 0. Leblanc and Ahri are even easier to gank that akali.
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