What's up with this mentality?

Dear junglers, what makes you think infernal is the only drake worth taking? How do expect something else to spawn if you don't kill it and you don't care about the current one? I'm so tired of these statements "it's just cloud". Could Drake helps the jungler a lot early game to have map presence, everywhere, mobility is always better than infernal early game because you won't get much of scaling out of it when you're level 5. Mountain Drake, also works in your favour as a jungler, better siege and better objective controll (take the infernal easier next time) Ocean Drake is very useful for botlane, it gives shit tons sustain and regeneration. So please, i'm begging you, step over this "alpha" habit of going full damage to dominate your enemy and think about the larger picture. Thank you. {{sticker:sg-poppy}}
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