Pyke was an awful idea for a support

Don't get me wrong his design and kit(except of his ult)are really good but as a support he is bad. my point is that what an adc needs is mostly either a tank to absorb damage and cc or a support to buff him and shield him not an assassin. the concept of bot lane is the one guy deals damage and the other one helps the damage dealer. what about {{champion:63}} and {{champion:99}} im hearing you asking?first of all lux has the shield which is a support feature,and brand is basically cheesing your way to victory. im not judging how he is doing now because its still early and people are still learning him what im trying to say is that pyke is a wasted design his kit is clearly a jungler's kit and none of it reminds of support(except of the gold share)there are so many good supports to pick like {{champion:117}} , {{champion:267}} ,{{champion:40}} ,{{champion:412}} and maybe others that i forgot. pyke will just become another forgotten champion that riot will try to buff it until they break him in order for people to play him.they should remove his gold sharing and make him a legit jungler and midlaner, bot lane doesnt need an assassin. please share your thoughts guys im really curious to see the community's opinion on pyke.
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