Should Udyr get a full on Rework and if yes, what should be changed?

Sorry if i sound unprofessional here, it‘s my first Board Discussion... ever. So you read the Title and i think you know what my Question is here. I wouldn‘t call myself a Udyr main, but i sure af love playing him sometimes. But sometimes, he gives me a worse time than explosive diarrhea. And it was in one of those moments where i started thinking: „does Udyr need a Rework, or does he just need some drastic Nerfs and Buffs?“ We all know Udyr has one of the most unique Kits in LoL. He has 4 abilities and no Ult. You can build him up as what you want. You can build him full AD, where he will abuse his Q for AS, his W for LS, his E for chasing down enemies or escaping them and his R for... additional damage, i dunno about that one. Or you can go full Tank and mostly use E and W as a fully tanked stunner. But now, with Pantheon being the most recent Reworked Champion, i question if Udyr‘s kit is „too old“ for the new style of LoL. It‘s very Basic and it soley depends if you‘re fed (or just farmed like a madman) or are lacking far behind for your game to turn either awesome or catastrophic. I mean, is Udyr even possible to Rework? If you could rework Udyr, what would you change on him? P.S. Udyr DOES need a Visual Rework thou, BADLY. If i could suggest anything, i would do the bold move and turn Spirit Guardian into his default Skin, and all the other skins would share the same animation as Spirit Guardian. The new Dragon Oracle Skin could‘ve been the new Ultimate Skin for Udyr.
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