Why does Riot favour players with friends?

Hopefully someone of hierarchy will see this, anyway, Riot is constantly offering more rewards (be it the new ip gain) or more systems (e.g. dynamic queue) which promotes people to either play with friends or fall behind due to the advantages the systems give. Why? It's not fair on those that don't have friends that play League. My friends mainly play csgo and adventure, I love going out with them and when I decide to play other games with them, I am put at NO disadvantage. League of Legends is not a 1v1 game, it is a 5v5 game so obviously those who have friends that play with them will be at an advantage in the first place through comms and existing synergy. Please start helping out solo-players. Give us rewards based on OUR performance and OUR contribution as a player. I wore the MSI logo, for what? For nothing now. It goes on, everything from rewards, ip boosts to dynamic queue. I don't get it.
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