Neeko is my favourite champ release since I started playing the game

I love Neeko so much, thank you for creating this champ just played it 1 time on PBE and this is exactly what I needed together with preseason changes to give me motivation for next season. The first champ released after I started playing was Lucian so I started in late season 3 and this is the first champ I'd give at least a 9,5/10 since then(not taking reworks into account) Rakan and Xayah are about a 9 to me but they are both not my main roles Zoe is nice(yes you may hate me for that) but I don't like her ult. Kayn Pyke and Kaisa are not bad but not fully my jam(Kaisa could probably be if I played her more). Also Riot please create more burst mages. The last standard burst mage with a DMG ult you created was Lissandra! Some could argue there is Vel Koz but he is more of a zoning/poking mage to me(and probably most others as well) Great champ please keep it up making champs that are not purely designed for competetive play because they offer so much in a controlled team enviroment and thus have to be tuned down and are just not really that strong for solo play.

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