TFT: Lack of " tactics " in teamfight tactics!

I'm plat 2 atm in ranked TFT and I gotta say: This is a very interesting game. I'm new the " auto battler " genre, or what people call auto chess. I have a love/hate relationship with it, atm. When the game doesn't bug out and when all 8 players get relatively the same amount of items and go differents comps, the game is actually very fun to play. But right now, the game is unbalanced and it feels to me that the " tactics " in TeamFight Tactics is very misleading, tbh. * It seems to me that the early items you get, whether by carousel or by RNG from PvE rounds, is what dictates which comps you're gonna play. Which is weird to me because I would think that in this genre the champions should matter more?! But apparently, items dictate the game, the units come 2nd to that. As an example: If you don't have {{item:3083}}, even if you get 2 {{champion:102}} in the shop menu, you won't buy them, because you'll think " Oh, I don't have warmog for you shyv, sorry! " * some items are just too powerful ({{item:3094}} and {{item:3040}}) and others are just dog sh*t ({{item:3131}} and {{item:3172}}) * Some units and traits are painfully too weak to be played right now: {{champion:82}} {{champion:67}} {{champion:21}} to name some. Wild and Void comps are just nonexistent. * Items like {{item:3137}} are just antifun and goes against the very basic goal of the game, which is to lvl up your units to be strong (Why would Riot put this item in the game is beyond me). * Either go Demons or Gunslingers, or die trying! * {{champion:85}}. * +27 LP for getting 2nd place in plat elo... 3 games in a row! -72 LP If someone goes 8th. So on and so on... I know the game is still in beta, but since they put in on live server and gave it a ranked system, I don't care if it's beta or not. I really hope Riot fix these problems and make TFT better ASAP. I honestly can see myself enjoying this even more if it's fixed. It's not a bad game by any means, it just had a really bad launch state (reminds me of the _Fallout 76_ launch).
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