Either remove adc from urf or make tower more tanky

Change my mind they are the worst class(worst as always broken either OP AF or WEAK AF) in every gamemode and make urf unplayable. I mean look at this guy. NEVER FOUGHT simply pushed and pushed ALL GAME and still won because trist is just too strong and adc have no counter in urf apart from one shooting them,which is also impossible whit anything that is not a mage or a Zed Either make urf a dominion like map or remove tower taking damage taking before 20 minutes. She also wasnt even fed,could simply keep herself from dying because blood thirster 1st item and Phantom dancer 2nd. https://puu.sh/EBXBa/a9eaaf673a.png I really hope the class gets just removed(instead of zz'rot),but buffing tower in urf would be fine too.
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