This season's matchmaking is so bad it almost forces you to drop League

This season is so bad I can't even describe how much i hate it. As you know, last season Riot already sort of confirmed that you're practically doomed to have 50% WR, but they dug way too deep. and now the "50% WR" system makes no illusion of a deserved win/loss. If you win, you stomp the enemy team. If you lose, you get stomped. There's no fair matchmaking in the game, the fate of the match is decided basically on a draft stage. You can get a team so good you don't even need to play to win, or you can get a top/mid so bad you can't carry then even by playing as a Challenger ELO player. The current state of matchmaking is just boring and frustrating. I am tired of playing a game where the only thing that matters is the mood of Riot's RNG. I am tired of having promoted/demoted just because of my luck, not my skill or missplays. I am tired of having no challenge at all and then having a challenge of playing the game 7v3. I am tired of not learning anything in this game because the enemy is way too weak to learn any new ways of playing against them, or they're so strong and overfarmed you just can't learn any ways of counter-playing them because they're oneshotting you. I am just tired of Riot's complete lack of attention to matchmaking. In this season, League became a goddamn beach, where Riot's gods are playing volleyball with your LP being a ball: sometimes it's on the "Win" side, sometimes it's on the "Defeat" side, and there's nothing you can do with it, because you're not even playing volleyball - you are spectating.
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