Idea for a little Galio update.

I was just wondering if Galio could become ranged champion, with Annie's attack range or something like that. Give him a yellow laser projectile from his eyes or hands clap shockwave that hits his targets instantly (like Azir's basic attack). That should ease up his farming phase and make the champion a little more viable, no rework is required for him since he (in my opinion) has a great kit. {{champion:3}} P - Already a useful passive no need to change this. Q - Already a great damaging/slowing ability. W - Awesome with R combo since you can cast it while taunting, great heal in lane when you let a few minions hit you. E - Solid speed boost for the whole team, maybe add a passive effect to this skill or a bonus effect. R - Game changing ultimate ability if positioned well and cast at the right time since it can turn over the whole team fight. No reason to keep this guy melee. His whole kit doesn't work well with his melee basic attack range. Give him more room to breathe in lane by giving him a ranged basic attack so that he can actually be played more. The range would be nice if it could be the same as his R or just slightly above that.

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