mordekaiser ulitmate not really that well-thought

ok so i think the whole idea of creating a champion who cant possibly loose in a 1 v 1 and giving him the oportunity to pick someone to 1 v 1 and teleport it to a paralel universe is not that smart of an idea. first of all its not only paralel universe its like a cage. im a support sona atm and we were 3 people trying to kill him. he ults me kills me 1 v 1 (and im the support im squshy af my job is to help the team win and hide behind my tank or damage dealer. i barely do any dmg and got 0 sustain in that sittuation.) and by the time the ult has ended his team is already there to back him up. so his ult acts like 2 things at once 1) an escape to go from 1 v 5 and trade for a 1 v 1 atleast when hes caught 2) like akali shroud its alot of time lost waiting for him to get out of it. as a team waiting 10 seconds for him to get out so you can finally shut him down its alot of lost time where enemy team can come to help him even from half map away or even get a baron done in the mean time. no other champ has this "lets get away from teamfight 5 v 5 and go to my secret room where im the king" type of ult. my team cant help me if hes ahead means im 100% dead even if im a toplaner who is behind and my jungle comes to gank he ults me kills me goes full health out to kill my jungler. even the most broken champions fight on the same map like everone else. i think this whole alternate universe is kind of unbalanced. even camille when she cages she is killable from inside and outside by ranged. riot has a great fantasy but how that is applied to the game balance is a problem. couse now they won rework this champion for about a year atleast. and his problem is not his 700 damage q or anything. its his concept at how he functions.

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