Skarner/Ivern still barely hit jungle tier lists with only 1% of picks.

Despite being dedicated junglers whos all gameplay is focused around jungle. Thoughts? Also the question for this "Rito balance framework". What is good your measured winrate if the champion is simply not played? Just zero games. What then? If champion played once and he lost, he will be buffed super hard? Because 0% winrate. If champion played once and won, he will be nerfed super hard? Because 100% winrate. PS I was just thinking it's like round circle of consequences. Champion is weak -> people stop playing, only "hard mains" stay. Hard mains create "winrate", which is kind of artificial number does not have anything to do with this game. Number is based mostly on what mood was that single guy who plays this champ today. Champion not played -> everybody forget what this champion does -> it's ever harder to do anything in lower elos -> even less play in lower elos. So... Rito do nothing because they are instructed to do any only if champion is "far from winrate bound". PS2. When I play Ivern I feel like he is not a champion at all. Nobody fkn knows what even his spells do and he still not getting impact on any game. Just a champion everybody ignores. People pick Singed jungle and still win against Ivern. Ivern is really THAT kind of troll pick as Singed jungle. PS3 Skarner is the same troll pick. His ultimate is useless, his close range abilities are useless also. He takes jungle camps, makes few stuns, then his game ends. About 3% influence on the game. The maximum anyone can get is 53% winrate may be. PS4. I think RITO games is done, company is erased completely. They not really care how healthy is every possible pick their players can do.
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