Its 2016 already, but bots have AI worse than decade old enemies in single player games

They are not using keystones they are not using summoner spells their build paths are terrible They dont have runes They are rumbling around like a %%%gots if their hp gets to 30%, they just stop working. They do not react to the skills that are thrown at them. Coop games are not really a coop, but a slaughter. And i know 90% of the playerbase does not care about this part of the game, but a lot of people playing it anyway, and they just love to chillout, since these are clean from flame and frustration. How could a billion dolar company, that is developing their 1 game for 10 years, could leave the Bots AI in such awful condition??? I dont expect from bots to have game skills on the challenger level, but come on, this is tragic and might use of some basic rework. I would love to see jungler AI, or pure support AI, not getting tricked easly by players, which could dodge spells like normal person does. The game mode has a great potential for testing build paths or champions, without ruining anybody game. The coop games are just too easy, with better AI players with high ping or lag spikes at least would have a place to play the game. Well, too bad its not going to happen in the next 10 years.
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