I dont understand something or just complain?

Greetings ladies and gentlemen summoners.I am an ordinary silver player and I want to know your answer to a question that has probably already been asked 10,000 times:is it possible to win in solo q? I just can't do it.In most cases,i win my lane (top),sometimes gank mid and always helping my team.In chat I just write something about tactics(tactics in silver lul).But in the end it turns out that in my team I play well either only me or 1 more person with me. It often happens that teammates just dont want to listen to anyone,give up and actually dont play. So....Do I have to work even more on my game? (already tried, how much can I?) Or only my jungler/midlaner in duo will decide everything?(which I dont have) P.S.Sorry for my bad english and google translate
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