A Shaco mains point of view on his current state

Alright, so let me start this out by sayin' that i'm not here to just beg and cry for buffs and complain about all the nerfs he has recieved, but instead share my thoughts and give you all a insight on The Demon Jester's (Shaco) current state. I know i might not be one of the best players out there, but i got around 1000-1500 games on Shaco alone, so would say that i have a quite good understanding of the champ. So i picked up Shaco around season 4, and it was love at first kill, so much that i kinda started otp'ing him for a loong time. And i know the old shaco (pre nerfs) were kinda broken and needed some balancing, but still, i'll have to say the way that it was done, wasn't necessarily the correct path to take. At his current state, he simply isn't as viable as he has been before. Im also not including anything about Ap Shaco as i see it as a completly different thing. Now that we got that in place, im going to go over each of his abilities as well as how he synergises with the different items and such. So starting out with Shaco's passive: Backstab. I actually dont think there's anything wrong with the passive, i mean, it fits his playstyle, where you are sneaking behind the enemies, looking for someone who gets out of position so you can, as the name so perfectly describes it, stab them in the back. It helps him with his clears in the jungle, and a shaco player who utilize it to the max, will always have more succes on him, as it is with pretty much all champions. The damage from it is pretty balanced in my opinion. Moving on to what most people would probaly call his signature move, his Q: Decieve. Now i can't lie, as a Shaco player, i love this ability, the concept of it, the way you can use it for mindgames, and the ganking potential in it. However, its not in the ability the fault lies, its in the stats of the ability. And before you all start yelling at me and sayin' i just wanna be able to walk behind a carry and kill them with 1 auto attack. Well yeah, of course i wanna do that again. But i know it wasn't really balanced proberly. What i wanna discuss about it, is how the Q nerf (its along time ago i know) affected him, instead of just tuning the damage, it just got removed completely, which kinda don't make sense if u ask me, you see. as shaco you'll always want ATLEAST 3 points in q before you start maxing something else, and i would even say that maxing it all the way first is the most viable thing to do on him, since the extended stealth duration just makes it so much harder for the enemy laners to ward you off. But if you max q first, it will be at rank 5 when you hit lvl 9. Now here is where i think the real problem is. Until level 9, you are not getting any base damage increase on any of your abilities. Your abilities literally got the same base damage at lvl 9, as they did lvl 3, except an ekstra point in his E Two-Shiv poison, (not counting his Ultimate) In my opinion, removing all the damage from the Q, did remove some of his early pressure, but i think they instead should have done something like keeping the damage (of course at a balanced state) and instead maybe making his time in stealth scale with his lvl instead (Just an example), that way you take alot of his pressure away, but still leaves him with a chance to fight back atleast. Moving on to the next ability, the W: Jack in the box. I honestly think that Jack in the box is perfect as it is, if it got changed i probaly wouldn't play him anymore though. Since its just an unique ability that fits shaco so well, the fear duration isn't that long, so its not completely broken, the damage is decent and it's just one of the abilities that make you love Shaco once you get used to them. Now, you'll have to have me excused if i sound a little mad about this one, his E: Two-Shiv Poison. Honestly i dont know how to describe his E's current state other then just pure bad, i mean, even at rank 5 if you go full AD, it just deals no damage, literally No Damage. Like, im going to start putting the numbers up, just so you can see what i mean. 55 / 80 / 105 / 130 / 155 (+75% of ability power) (+0.6 / 0.75 / 0.9 / 1.05 / 1.2 per bonus attack damage) physical damage, plus up to 50% additional damage based on target's missing health. Now, it doesn't look that bad right? those numbers look decent enough? yeee.. No. It may look like a kind of a execute ability, but honestly, most of the times you are not going to have enough damage to execute anything. As im writing this, i wanted to give you an example of it, so i went into the pratice tool to get some specific numbers. Now with the AD build i personally like best on him atm, (Duskblade, Infinity Edge, Statik shiv, Titanic hydra, trinity force and boots) you deal a stunningly 235 damage to a full hp dummy target, even with a heave AD build. And i can already hear you screaming at me from the other side of the screen "It's an execute you donkey of course it wont do alot to a full hp". And i know, calm down im getting there. After i damaged the target dummy down to 20%hp (it had 2.000 hp left out of 10.000) so now it should do alot of damage am i right? Well it did 340 damage. Now alot of you are gonna be like, thats not that bad what do you mean? Well then look at this again "plus up to 50% additional damage based on target's missing health." that thing was missing 8k health, and we are talking a full late game build. That is so bad i just dont even know what to say. Of course it has the movement speed debuff and attack speed debuff, but honestly, the only thing usefull is kinda the Att. speed debuff, i mean, the MS debuff is just kinda.. Meh. You dont really feel it that much. I could keep going, but honestly this ability needs some love, even if its changed completely (And im not giving you permission to change all his abilities mr. riot employe, just this one) Now after all this, there is only one thing left, which is his R: Hallucinate. No comments, i love my clone. So we have reached the end (finally huh?) and all in all, his kit needs some work, it does. but not everything, its a couple of small things in my opinion, but they just have a large impact on him. ps. i know they have said he is on a "list" of champs who need some work, but who knows how long it'll be, and to be honest, i dont mind, as long as they dont go and change him completely, he doesn't need a new set of abilities, just some tuning. Sincerely A Shaco enthusiast.{{champion:35}}
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