I'm seriously considering leaving this game.

Hello all Cele back on boards. Recently I found out that season will end soon and I started playing more earnestly. It all went well and I was happy thinking I will get to Gold at least a week before season end. I easily climbed to Silver II 100LP and was one game away from silver I... Then the nightmare started.... I lost my promos because I tried to do what was neccesary. I knew that enemy team will slowly start to outscales after like 15 minutes. I took my lane inhibitor, almost got to nexus... BUT!.... My team lost 4v2 and I was finished by enemy team. I lost the game because insteaf of pushing, they went to farm jungle and teamfight when enemy can easily kill them. I tried going backdoor and winning us the game but my team just got killed again and again... I lost game because I couldn't do anything against 4 enemies. Then it went from bad to WORSE... I lost my promos and immediately entered lose strike. either my team laners(jungler too) are feeding or straight out trolling (leblanc jungle...) Every FRICKING GAME ends up in a loss. I try as best as I can, but to no avail. Either we lose by my team surrender, or by someone feeding... I rarely flat out feed(check my history).. now I'm Silver IV 0LP... no matter what I tried, I couldn't climb out...... I am thinking why I am even bothering with this game where most of the community is trash, %%%%%%ed, trolls, kids, or just plain boosted to oblivion... I spent my fair share on skins, champs and chests... And it basically feels unfair after all the time, sweat, money, tears I spent on this game, I get this crap like I'm in Bronze V or litteral punching bag for rito.... I'm lost guys and lost my passion for this game....
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