[SUGGESTION - Yuumi] (W) You and Me!

Hias, _I try my luck again with this Quality of life suggestion, hopefully more people will agree as two months have passed since the release of Yuumi._ # Situation As Yuumi is being controlled by another champion _(her movement)_, it often happens that, you accidentally miss-click and detach from your host or jump to another one instead of detaching. One of Yuumi's core element is the perfect use of attach, detach and the switching in between champions. My suggestion is, to make **(W)** to be used for **attach** and **switching in between targets**, while **ALT+W** _(selfcast)_ would be used for **detaching**. With this, you won't accidentally do an attach or detach, since they are on two different key-combination. --- # The idea is basically that: **While you are on ground:** • you can jump to a champion by pressing (W). _ALT+(W) does nothing_ **When you are on a champion:** • you can jump to another champion by pressing (W). _You cannot detach ever by pressing (W) in itself._ • you can detach by pressing ALT+(W) _(self-cast)_. Yuumi will be detached to the side of the champion where your cursor is _(just as it works now)._ _You cannot jump to another champion by pressing ALT+(W)._
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