Top laner dying to lvl2 gank. "your red is gone"

happened to me TWICE today. _i am standing by the turret, but the minions do not flow...._ Listen, Mr. Dumbass McToplane: If you have chosen the path of lvl1 uselessness and hugged your tower instead to guarding the red lvl1- it is not my jungle opponent being useful and me not. It is YOU who has brought this upon your lane. this stuff is entirely preventable by STANDING in the entrance to the jungle and dropping a ward behind you when you see the enemy. You will not die or even lose a summoner spell if you do exactly this, paying attention Oh, and if you have burnt flash during the said gank and tp back to your lane- you are basically inviting a disaster. Please, dont you dare say anything among the lines of "gg better jungler wins". I have just finished my Gromp, i am heading to the enemy red, praying that the enemy botlane is just as stupid as you are. Because if they are not, i will get tripplebuffed. Sincerely your pissed-off "useless" Jungler.
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