Why isn't every champion like kai'sa

Kai'sa's kit is unique and cool ability wise, but what's really interesting is the abilities' passives that adapt according to your building path, wether it's ap or ad or attack speed in this case, this is not a new concept, this is verstility and a very good one, so good it shouldn't be kept for one champ, before anyone keeps spamming that many ad champs have ap ratios, and ap champs could be played ad, my answer is none of them is working and even when done it's considered as troll, from my point of view i see that it would be easier to balance champs whn their kit is divided through build choice,but more than just ap ,ad, attack sp, maybe hp or armor or mr, cdr ,mana, lethality ,even movement speed(MS items), a game where even when your in the loading screen you have no idea of what's the game gonna be like other than being pre dertimened in champ select qho would win, a game where everyone could play whatever champion in any lanr anyway he wants and be viable(playable), rito pls
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