Advise/help me pls :D (ranked gold/plat)

So here is the problem, at the moment i'm hard hard hard stuck plat 4 always between 0 points and 40 points (at the moment gaining 13-14 per win), the big problem is no matter what i do in the game (me being a jungler), i gank bot offer kills, gank mid offer kills, gank top offer kills and 2 minutes after they all start inting at the same time (not saying this is every game but in plat 4 i can say this is 80% of my games). Now yeah i understand this could be me or something but after getting past the shield (when ranked to plat you get shielded so you dont demote instantly) i go back to Gold rank (witch is where i think i am) but then suddenly i win all my games back to plat IN A ROW. So when in plat my team plays like a bunch of idiots i de-rank to gold and suddenly my team is master material. But here is the best part, as soon as im back to plat my team goes from being master material to being wood again... Any suggestions
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