LP lose should be based on performance

there is alot of games when u play out of ur mind but end up losing cause ur team so why should u be punished as hard as when some one ints or goes afk the lp lose should be based on performance so a player that gets an S or higher should lose under 15 and a player that gets a C OR D should lose 21 that means u have to try hard in ranked and play well to be less punished when losing i think the mmr is why too cruel of a way and way too vague to see how much u can lose or win do u agree or not let me know edit : here is the thing im not sayign u should lose 6 or 7 lp if u get an s im saying u should lose 15 rather than 20 if u get s+ which recuars a very very good game to get farming wont get u an s nether is building tank and playing under tower im saying that if u had high cs high dmage numbers high kda which needs high kills and low deaths high ward score if u lose a game where ur top goes afk after going 0/5 u should lose 15 lp and that inter should lose 23 so what im saying is less lp lose for good players more for bad ones
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