How to enjoy playing this game?

Since preseason 7 I started my journey towards bronze. In which I sadly failed as I managed to climb a little bit. Once I understood the basics and finally got matched with players based on my skill level, I started to fully enjoy this game. It felt fresh. It was challenging. I never knew how a game would end, even after 20 minutes. But as the game progresses I slowly stopped enjoying it. For me the challenges what kept me playing were gone. ARAM games take just as much time as SR but are far less rewarding. The only challenge I'm facing when playing is keeping the morale up of my teammates. I won't surrender, I wanted to play a game, so I shall play it. But 90% of the times we lost because of the surrender. It came to a point where I only played with premades and straight up needing to apologize towards the lost soul who was unfortunate to get us as teammates, just because we played strat-roulette.(You can only kill a enemy with smite etc.) But even now, it's not fun. So I'm playing a few games in 2 weeks. And I'm honestly wishing to get back to bronze(or Iron), just because games were random and fun. Don't get me wrong, it's still a great game, but not in the way I've been used too. How do you all manage to have fun? What makes it fun? {{sticker:zombie-brand-clap}}
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