Is Nocturne in line for a rework?

Yeah. Nocturne. {{champion:56}} This guy. Yes, I know you've never seen or heard of him. No, he isn't a new unreleased yet champ. It's a prehistoric creature that is so outdated that it gets outjungled bu Ivern... No, but for real, this guy is so bad, it feels like you are playing with a big minion that just gives a lotta gold when killed. He is a semi-assassin that has no burst and 10 years of cooldown in his kit. He is also a semi-fighter that is almost as durable as Soraka and is as kiteable as Darius. He is an assassin jungler with 0 mobility and 1 gap closer(that has 40 days of CD). And he is a "_fighter diver_" that gets exterminated by 1 turret hit. His mana pool is like a dota 2 hero(read 1 spell per 3 minutes) without blue buff. And in order for his health pool to last over 2 jungle camps he requires a full tank build... (best assassin ever lmao) For real this guy is absolute trash and he has been in this spot for a pretty fookin' long time now. He got missed by the assassin rework because rito conveniently reclassified him as a diver fighter, and then canceled the rework for that class 'cause it wasn't necessary and left this dude out like he doesn't exist. If he doesn't get reworked at least delete him so people don't screw themselves and waste their BE/RP to unlock this guy by mistake
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