Champions people forgot to exist in the game

In league of legends u see the same champions over and over. there are more there then 145 Champions in the game its a bit too much . Riot needs to slow down with the new champions and focus more on reworks and changes to champions. There might be 146 champions in league but it only feels like there are 50 champions because u see the same one everyday. I want the forgotten champions to get some love aswell and im talking about these champions {{champion:78}} Does anyone even remember the last time u saw this yordle Hero i love to play her my self but i never see someone else play her Maybe its because she is pretty weak in solo Q. {{champion:115}} Who is this guy again. {{champion:76}} and what does this champion do again . honestly when was the last time u saw her. and then remember when was the last time u saw a nidalee who didnt feed. {{champion:427}} and this one was hiding in his bushes for too long, Its time to get out ivern its ur turn to shine into league again, But maybe the balence team should give u some changes to make ur gameplay better and more fun. {{champion:1}} ayyy Annie the first champion ive ever played. No one plays u Anniemore Ur kit is too outdated and boring and so is ur Visuel design. And voice over. we saw a beautiful origin trailer of u and always hoped u get a rework and be more like the origin Annie but ur nothing like her. U dont even seem to be like an little girl ur more like an Annoying evil girl thing. {{champion:136}} with ur current kit u will never get played. Even one tricks find him boring to play. this champion needs more action besides Push and Roam. Which champions did u forgot that are in the game
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