Season 6 has been my worst experience with this game

This season has been very abnormal in ranked, I have been in diamond promos 4 times and have dropped to plat 3 and I have been in p2 promos 8 times. I have had low plat players play better then high plat players. my gold smurf has better players then my plat account games. Heck normal games has freeking better tryhards, games feel alot more harder to the point where i am trying harder in normal then ranked. it seems like alot of people are avoiding rank now. champion pools extremely limited, feel like I have to play top 5 champions in order to have an effect in games. my experience as a solo player in this game has just gone downhill. a lot of my friends are consistently complaining that they need to find another game, my cousin that I use to play with a lot has magically vanished from the game after 2 years of playing it. I think riot is so focused on there esports and banning people that they have forgotten the people who made this game for what it is, with out us there would be no league. its been around 5 months since this season and its just gotten alot worse rather then better.

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