Stop playing AP mages as supports

that is all. Tired of seeing dumbsh*t picks like veigar and Zoe as supports. You do almost nothing for your adc besides your 1 CC ability. Stop trying to build full AP as a support, unless youre snowballing your lane like crazy ( and taking the kills rather than giving them to your adc) you will always be behind, because AP items are far too expensive for someone whos not farming. all you do is try to oneshot the opposing adc which almost never works because you dont have the gold to actually build enough damage. The moment your lane is dived or ganked you are just dead, because you have no peel or disengage, and youre squishy as all hell. Veigar is by the the worst offender though when it comes to these picks. You literally cant use your passive. At all. Which is the whole point of veigar. Not to mention he just like every other mage have AoE abilities that inevitably kill minions and push the wave. Just stop. Remove spellthiefs. /thread
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